Accomplished executives with international experience providing creative, strategic and operational services to emerging growth, venture capital and private equity firms in the high tech arena, and to medium and large companies growing businesses.

O8‘s strategic advisors have founded, led and grown successful startups and have years of operating experience at some of the largest companies in the high tech and digital media fields. We have pitched, built and sold products and organizations. We are not life long consultants.

We work hands-on with partners in a collaborative style. O8 analyzes, but also participates in execution.

We bring a mix of talent, perspectives, and experience to each project. Business challenges are approached by O8 as a team having both technology and business experience. Having sat in similar chairs as our clients, the team brings valuable hard earned insights to each project. This cross platform business experience allows us to see challenges and opportunities from all sectors of the business ecosystem and develop plans that maximize growth, profit and liquidity.

We are equally comfortable helping large companies map, evolve and execute their strategies as working with entrepreneurs looking for mentorship, strategic advice, troubleshooting or door opening. And we understand the needs and expectations of venture capital and private equity firms. We love big ideas, no matter where they come from. And whether it is assisting entrepreneurs with big dreams, investors with high hopes, or larger companies with a need to evolve, we have the team, know-how and experience, and drive to make it work.



O8 helps businesses succeed — accelerating growth and unlocking value.

Why O8

O8, is a form of highly pressurized oxygen — a promising rocket oxidizer, known for its red color. 

Through depth and breadth of experience in rapidly growing businesses both small and large, we attack our clients’ businesses with a high level of energy and a laser focus in order to similarly accelerate the successful launch and growth of your businesses.